And your dog will buy it soon

I always loved dogs, and I tried to convince my mom to get us a fluffy best friend my whole childhood. I printed cute dog photos and taped them on my wall so my mum would notice the cuteness and couldn’t resist it. I even wrote a letter for her titled Why our family needs a new member where I promised her the puppy would be only my responsibility.

She didn’t like my idea, because we didn’t have enough space and I guess she knew the dog would be her only responsibility.

Now, two decades later, I’m a cheesy dog…


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

My little-town brains didn’t even know the expression 9–5 till I didn’t join Medium and start reading articles about it. From countless posts on this hot topic, I quickly learned that nine to five is the typical I got bills to pay job that most artists on this platform despise.

How ironic, I thought, I spent more than a decade listening to ex co-workers dreaming about having an office morning schedule. And then I discovered Medium, where almost everyone hates it.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — is the quote stuck in my head from when I found…

When the erotic triangle become a chaotic crowd

Ménage à trois has a significant role in the film and music industry. Many movies and series worship three-way couples and use them for their inspiration. But as beautiful as an erotic triangle can be, the film industry also exposes the ugly part of it — jealousy, wrong motives, and terrible results. What can we learn from the disastrous Hollywood threesomes?

Sex and the city — Samantha & Richard & Waitress

In the episode A Vogue Idea in season 4 of Sex and the City, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wants to surprise her boyfriend, Richard (James Remar), for his birthday. …

Can you help someone who doesn’t want your help?

Mental health awareness has made a drastic change in society in past years. We can finally talk about mental health and acknowledging the importance of it. We debate about mental illness and the treatments for disorders but overlook sick people who don’t want to go to the hospital till we personally experience this dilemma.

It is hard when your loved one gets sick, but it becomes unbearable if that person declines therapy. And sadly, nobody can help you force your friend in the hospital against their will if they are adults.

When my family member struggled with an eating disorder…

2. Avoid selfish lovers

I’m almost at the end of my twenties, and this made me think about my life experiences. What did I learn about love, sex, and relationships in the past ten years?

I think the 20s are perfect for learning and discovering who you truly are. I created a list of my spicy discoverings that would spare me some headaches, tears, and sleepless nights when I was a naive, twenty-and-something girl from college.

1. Never fake an orgasm

Society tries to convince you that most women fake their orgasms, and it is a common practice. I hope women don’t do that anymore! You should never* fake…

Or he can use you as a bitter character in his novel

“When you find a waiter who is a waiter and not an actor, writer, musician or poet, you’ve found a jewel.”

— Andre Soltner

They say most artists start as waiters, trying to get the first big gig that will make them drop their apron forever. The creative profession requires a real job to pay the bills until we create the Big piece that will allow us to visit the cafe just as a thirsty customer.

Working as a server is a thankless job that some look down on. You are preparing the drinks and steaming the milk till you…

Parenting | Personal Story

Parents words can be more lethal than their actions

“You are getting fat,” my father told me when I sat in his car. I remember this hot summer day as if it were yesterday. I was 12-yers-old, and I wore tight flowery pink shorts and a sleeveless white shirt.

My father’s most deadly weapon has always been his words. He didn’t brutally beat his kids, but he slapped us sometimes when he got angry. His favorite and lethal way to put us down was his words.

He demanded respect in his house, so he threatened us with force: “Do this again, and my hand will meet your face,” he…

Can someone call Eminem to murder these titles for us?

Yesterday morning I opened the Medium app when I woke up because I needed some motivational breakfast. But all I could see on my recommendation list were hundreds of versions of one article titled I made 1000$ on Medium last month.

“No,” I screamed and dramatically threw my phone on the bed — I was still careful because I can’t afford a new one. Obviously, I didn’t read enough how much $$$ I made pieces.

Medium abuses me with these types of articles every single day. They are everywhere, like the fake big butt leggings on social media!

Money articles…

Too short skirts, too much chatting, and the missing money

“Coffee with milk,” my boss’s wife, Katrina, ordered and glanced over me, memorizing my clothes, makeup, and hair.

Then she pursed her pinky lips together and lighted the cigarette, plotting her next move, which involved telling little lies about me to her husband. When I walked back to the till, I felt her stabbing eyes on my back.
My boss’s wife didn’t like me, but I didn’t care.

Katrina didn’t love any woman employed by her husband who wasn’t overweight, old, or lesbian.

She was one of those ladies that think everyone wants her hubby. …

A grandson who would rather murder his grandmother than fix her roof

77-year-old Susan Hernandez was a kind and warm grandma with unconditional love for her children and grandchildren. She raised seven kids, and they were the center of her world.

Who would think that this gentle and loving grandmother would be murdered by her grandson Anthony, whose motive for the crime was more twisted than anybody can imagine?

Six months before her death, Susan lost the love of her life, her husband, Carlos. She was grieving with the help of her family and dog. Susan’s daughter Vannesa, Anthony’s mom, lived across the street in the city of Pueblo in Colorado.


Luna Laz

Writer, reader and over-thinker/ I write and then I write a bit more/ I'm not settling for breadcrumbs, don't need the bread, I want the whole bakery

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